“Miraklet/The Miracle” is competing in the Official Selection of World Film Festival Montreal.


Jakob returns for the first time in years to his childhood village to attend his mother’s funeral. The place holds many memories for him. It was where his mother Marie ran a dance school and where he met the first young love of his life. A spirited girl, Johanna loved dancing but she wanted desperately to win the regional dance competition and Jakob was an inept partner. Crippled years ago in a car accident, Johanna still lives in the village, mother of a young boy, Christian, and married unhappily to Erik, the evangelical pastor of the village church. When Jakob announces that he is going to close the dance school where she still teaches from her wheelchair, Johanna begs him not to. Moved by her entreaty, he makes her a deal: she’ll give him dance lessons and he’ll fix the place up and keep it open. Erik is jealous of his wife’s new interests, but he desperately wants to relieve her physical and psychological pains. And none of his implorations in church for a heaven-sent miracle appear to have been answered. Can dancing provide what God can’t?