Ulrich Thomsen interview by Hikari Takano

Ulrich Thomsen interview contents: Ulrich Thomsen Interview Part 1 – How “Banshee” came about – Creating ‘Kai Proctor’ – Mads Mikkelsen – Delivering pizzas in Beverly Hills – Ulrich’s acting background & technique – The significance of working on Dogme 95 films – The early days of Dogme 95 – “FESTEN” (The Celebration) compared to […]

A Banshee Styled Homecoming

“Kudos to Ulrich Thomsen for pouring out his heart on a prison table when his mother surprised him with a visit. In Banshee, even the bad guys get a chance to show humility. Sure, Kai Procter has smashed a man’s balls with a baseball bat, tried to shove a glass through a man’s face, and […]