“However, Proctor’s story is going to be the thing that has the capability of elevating this season to peak values. His relationship with his Amish heritage, as we’ve always known, is troubled. But we’ve never see this amount of internal conflict in the man. His soft spot for his niece has mostly been the thing that’s humanized him, but Proctor essentially protecting his family’s people – simply by being in the right place at the right time, though it may be – is a highlight of “The Warrior Class,” and it’s joined by probably the highlight, which is seeing Proctor’s mother interact with him in spite of her husband’s firm stance of opposition. Banshee has almost always been the show that uses its fight scenes as centerpieces, and while the Chayton fight is absolutely fantastic in that way that only this series can pull off, I came away from the episode feeling like it had done right by Proctor.”

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