“Q) What are the recent projects that you are working on?

A) “Counterpart” was the last show I worked on.

Q) Tell us about the film you have written, produced and directed on your own.

A) It was shot in New Mexico. There is a working title that I’m probably going to keep, which is Willenberger or Welcome to Gutterbee. Gutterbee is this make believe American small town. The film is a political satire, mainly about identity, and the American Dream. The world today is suffering from lack of identity, in my opinion at least. A lot has changed since the 60’s, when I grew up, and we pretty much forgot to think about the future. The way the western world has been conducting itself in terms of consumerism has lead us straight into a cultural dead end, where the likes of Donald Trump always is waiting to put us back on track, and make things great again. [laughs] What he stands for…that kind of simplified view of the world where we need to isolate ourselves, find a scapegoat and keep doing what we’re doing. It’s happening here in Europe as well. These guys with their easy solutions pop up proclaiming it’s everyone else’s fault. The fact of the matter is, I guess, we have become too many people in the world today, compared to the 60’s. The distribution of wealth and the denial of the fact that we’re all living on this planet has put us in a global crises. Our way of living has simply destroyed the planet. Global warming, agriculture and so on. We need to think in terms of a total paradigm shift in terms of how we look at each other and how we interact. Hence our identity problems. Serious issues and hard to boil down to a simple comment in an interview like this. In any way the movie is a comedy still. In the town of Gutterbee there is a German sausage that has been introduced, and it’s just too foreign and strange – even though there is nothing more American than a German sausage. Things go very wrong from that point on.”

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